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GAA Results follow twitter feeds and organise them into the correct county pages. Our site has organised almost every GAA Club in the World into their proper pages, If your looking for live updates or results please select an area below.

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Adding an update or result will place your information on the county page you’ve selected, each page will display the last 15 entries posted, If you would like to see all entries please click on county category on your county page. Please make sure your updates are accurate. This will help the 83% of Irish people that are not on twitter. Thanks for posting

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Twitter tip for GAA Clubs

Its very important to complete your twitter profile, especially your bio, people want to see what your club is about, where your club is located and other ways to contact your Club. It’s understandable that a lot of GAA clubs don’t fill in their bio simply because they assume only local people will look at their twitter account and already know this information, But that’s not the case. The internet is getting bigger and the world is getting smaller. The more information you can provide to people about your club the more exposure you’ll receive.
How to edit your twitter profile?

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